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      From Australia...
        to Canada...
          to Zimbabwe....

....and almost every other country in between, fellow globalists can express their views... free.

BUT CAREFUL... just like traffic lights, you have for go, give us your concise opinion ; ...yellow for careful with your opinions, keep them civilised ; for danger, as your strong opinions could thread on dangerous ground.

Of course, all this depends on the level of freedom you enjoy in your country. This site is located in Canada, land of... well, no need to repeat the UN's findings, eh.

Interested ?... then it's a GO, n'est-ce-pas ? Click on the link below to see articles from some Concerned Canadian Citizens © and/or to submit your opinions to our Concerned Citizens' Comments ©... global citizens of course.

Check it out, eh !

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Updated : April 12, 2009
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